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Quality Assurance Policy


Matthew Mawson Photography & Film offers a professional location photography & film service, backed by over 20 years’ worldwide experience primarily for corporate, government and NGO organizations.


The style and creativity of this photography & film service is appropriate to visual communication that utilizes a high degree of creative design input, ie: content that is graphically impactful and well-differentiated through design concept, typography, imagery and production values. The photography & film service is particularly well suited to certain industry sectors: engineering, mining & natural resources, construction, utilities, property development, financial/banking, logistics and transport.


The photography & film service provides clients with high-end digital photography & film for application across all communication media, from printed literature, advertising and promotion to exhibition, PR, sponsorship and the entire spectrum of digital communications, including video-for-web and short film.


This service is passionate and committed to high standards of quality; valuing and meeting the needs of each client on an individual basis. The service, therefore, strives to meet and exceed client expectations, going that ‘extra mile’ to ensure the best client service and photography & film service results.


There is a commitment within the service for continual improvement and a Quality Management System has been put in place to direct the business as it moves forward, providing a framework to measure and improve performance and sustain high quality standards in all aspects of the service.


The service has invested heavily in technology and innovations in equipment to support a policy of continous improvement and customer satisfaction.


In addition, the service operates a client management system that allows provision for dedicated and bespoke account / project management to meet the needs of each client.


The following processes and procedures are in place to ensure a consistent execution and delivery of this photographic service:


a)     regular gathering of and monitoring of customer feedback during and post-contract;

b)    selection of sub-contractors, associates and suppliers against specific criteria;

c)     continuous training and development of key service providers in terms of skills & knowledge;

d)    risk assessments against each project (in accordance with this service’s public and employers liability insurance);

e)     dedicated project management and delivery;

f)      processes and procedures are in place to ensure continually high standards in all aspects of the execution and delivery of the photography & film work;

g)     The service provider has longstanding membership of the NUJ, abiding by its code of conduct.


The following processes are in place to ensure the service meets its policy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction:


a)     regular management reviews;

b)    measurement of the performance of key suppliers and associates against set criteria;

c)     measurement of the effectiveness of any investment (time / financial) in training;

d)    monitoring, evaluating and actioning client complaints.


As a sole trader, the commitment to quality set out in the policy is an inherent part of the business. It is intended that access to this, and all key policies relating to the business will be accessible via the service’s website. The service also expects its key suppliers to have their own quality assurance policies in place and abide by a similar philosophy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


Though this service is ultimately responsible for mainting standards of quality as set out in this policy, all key subcontractors and suppliers are accountable to ensure their procedures and processes fulfill the quality standards set out in this policy.


This policy review was approved on: 09 May 2016 and will continue to be monitored annually.


Signed: Matt Mawson

Dated: 09 May 2016

Next Review Date: May 2017

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