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Equality and Diversity Policy


Matt Mawson, sole trader of Matthew Mawson Photography & Film, spent a decade from the mid-80s working with NGO, Aid and Government agencies: — ODA (Overseas Development Agency), United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UHCR), WaterAid, Marie Stoppes, Care International, Oxfam,

Save the Children — documenting conflict and humanitarian crisis situations around the world.


This eyewitness to the negative consequences of discrimination across the social, economic and humanitarian spectrum underpins this service’s standing on equality and diversity, including the workplace, namely: to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity within the workforce to make it truly representative of all sections of society, a working environment where all employees can feel respected, valued and have the opportunity to achieve their best potential.


In line with this commitment, this policy sets out to eliminate all unlawful and unfair discrimination and gives emphasis to the value and importance placed on the differences that a diversity in the workforce can bring to the running of this business.


It is the policy of Matthew Mawson Photography & Film to treat all business colleagues and prospective business colleagues, be they contractors, suppliers or clients, fairly and equally regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, family status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, age, physical or mental disability, working patterns, responsibility for dependents, membership of the travelling community, union membership status, or any other irrelevant factor.


This policy applies to all aspects of this service which holds the overall responsibility for its application. However, anyone contracted or sub-contracted on its behalf is expected to promote and be wholly aligned to the spirit of diversity and equal opportunities within this policy and has a legal duty not to discriminate against anyone working for or with Matthew Mawson Photography & Film including, but not limited to: other suppliers; clients and other contractors; streetcast and professional models.


Matt Mawson Photography & Film would ask all contractors, suppliers and clients to take individual responsibility to ensure they comply with this policy statement and fully support and promote its fundamental principles of diversity and inclusion.


Matthew Mawson Photography & Film is committed:

• To treat all suppliers and independent contractors fairly and with respect. Selection will be based solely on ability and aptitude. Wherever possible, independent contractors will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential so that their talents and resources are fully utilised to raise levels of professionalism in all areas of the photography & Film service.

• To create an environment in which the individual differences and the contributions of all suppliers and independent contractors are recognised and valued.

• To abide by a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated (as defined in Appendix I, below).

•Where relevant, to include training, development and progression for key independent contractors working with Matthew Mawson Photography & Film.


Matthew Mawson Photography & Film will take the following steps to action the policy:

• Manage the business in line with CRE 2005 Code of Parctice on Racial Equality in Employment.

• Ensure all key suppliers comply with the spirit of this equality and diversity policy statement and that

new suppliers and independent contractors are directed to an up-to-date copy of the policy (see below).

• Make the Equal Opportunities Policy accessible via its website.

• Noted breaches of this policy by suppliers or independent contractors of Matthew Mawson Photography & Film will be reported for follow-up action with the external parties involved. A repeat pattern of breaches could lead to Matthew Mawson Photography & Film closing its account or termination of the relevant contract.


This policy is fully supported by Matt Mawson and has been discussed and agreed with Carol Lewin, primary contractor to Matthew Mawson Photography & Fim,


This policy was reviewd and approved on 09 May 2016 and will continue to be monitored annually.


Overall responsibility for the effectiveness of this policy lies with Matt Mawson.


For further information please contact


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Equality and Diversity Policy / Appendix I — defining harassment at work*:



Harassment at work is unacceptable and will not be permitted or condoned.


This specifically refers to:


• racially derogatory remarks or insults;


• grafitti or slogans that set out to discriminate, degrade or harass on grounds of race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability;


• racist ‘jokes’, banter, ridicule or taunts;


• using a disparaging or offensive tone when communicating with people from other racial groups;


• deliberate avoidance of people because of their racial group;


• having unrealistic expecations of performance or imposing excessive workloads on people, based on their racial group, and


• unneccessarily picking on individuals from particular racial groups.




*adapted from the 2005, statutory code of practice on racial equality in employment issued by the Commisison for Racial Equality