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Matthew Mawson Photography & Film recognises that effective environmental management is one of its most important corporate priorities, and is committed to protecting and respecting the environment through active environmental performance and efficiency in the conduct of its operations. As part of its

ongoing efforts to attain this objective, the focus continues to be a range of achievable initiatives.


Efficient use of natural resources to minimise usage and waste generation through efforts that include efficient transportation, digital routing, recycling and pollution prevention:


                Maintaining and promoting energy efficiency and energy saving practices.


                On-site material specific recycling bins for all plastic, paper, glass and metal.


                Travel by the least carbon intensive methods whenever possible.


                A company car at the lower band engine size (1200cc).


                Actively promote and encourage digital, paperless delivery of photographic service.



Integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business

decision-making processes:


                Rewiring office to incorporate energy efficiency and low-energy lighting.


                Increased fuel-efficiency via improved insultation.


                Continued investment in high-end digital photography & film, thus eliminating any use of chemicals, acetate film and photographic paper for delivery of service.


                Walking and use of public transport as primary, with taxis as secondary,

alternatives to use of company car.


                Recycling of all plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, batteries, ink cartridges.


                Actively conserve energy usage on lighting and electronic equipment.


                Digital systems and processes in place for management, administration and archiving.


                Business communications set to fastest available ADSL broadband speed.


                Coordinated scheduling and planning of transatlantic and global location work aimed at reducing number of annual long haul air travel journeys.


                Cleaning with biodegradable products.


Promotion of effective environmental management by our suppliers.


Keeping abreast of viable pro-environment transport, energy and communications innovation and development so improvements in environmental performance inform future management decisions ie:


– increased ADSL upload speeds with BT fibreoptic cabling expected to be available during 2018/19;

– computer-based conference call and video conferencing via Skype;

– ‘pay-as-you-go’ car alternative schemes eg: Streetcar;

– increased % mix of renewable energy in the supplier fuel mix.


Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


Document date: 09 May 2016, reviewed annually


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